Will you marry me, Kirsten Beyer?

I’m finally getting around to reading “The Eternal Tide” and I just cannot tear myself away from this book!! The last Voyager novel I read was “Full Circle” because I couldn’t bear the thought of reading the books without Captain Janeway… though, to hold my own in the tumultuous world of fandom I do know the basic plots. I’m sure they’re excellent, however, as I’ve loved Kirsten Beyer since “Isabo’s Shirt” in the anthology “Distant Shores.”

ANYWAY. Everyone - everrryyyone - needs to read “The Eternal Tide” and lose themselves in the wonderful, intriguing storyline and fabulous happy ending for the JCers out there.

Aaah. Love love love.


Fuck yeah Kirsten Beyer!!!!!! She’s…


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